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The lady in gray who haunts the Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore; the treasure of Cumberland Heights, guarded by invisible and deadly hands; Boojum of Eaglenest Mountain (Eagle Nest Mountain), a sasquatch said to guard a treasure of gemstones and presumably named after Lewis Carroll's snark; the ghostly waiter in the City Tavern, Philadelphia, who was accidentally killed in a fight between two other people; the pink, horned, serpentine monster of the St John's River; the ill-omened bleeding horse of the Great Smoky Mountains; the angelic warriors who battled on winged horses at Chimney Rock, confirming the truth of the War in Heaven; the ghostly screams heard near the post office on the site of the hotel built by sadistic serial killer H H Holmes on West 63rd Street, Chicago; the phantom woman of the Rockport Inn Bed & Breakfast in Rockport; weird phenomena, including the spectre of a woman, in the Sorrento Hotel, Seattle; strange stories about how mysterious boulders reached the crowns of trees (as high as eighty feet up) in Yellowwood State Forest; the sounds of happy children heard in the Hamilton Hotel, Laredo, even when no children are near; the gold mine in the Ozarks, eighteen miles south west of the town of Galena, which is guarded by the skeletal ghosts of seven Spanish miners; the phantom lighthouse keeper at the St Augustine Lighthouse and Museum; and the phantom of a weeping Native American woman who, on moonlit nights, repeats her death jump from a cliff in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park (Creve Coeur Park), in St Louis County, where she tried to join her late husband in the spirit world, are more supernatural myths or scary stories of the United States of America.


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